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The Cristina Fontanelli Foundation in the News!

Here in our news section, you’ll find stories and the latest updates about how our work is helping to improve society. The attention these articles draw is one of the best resources we have for recruiting the public to our cause. Take a look at our featured pieces below and let us know what you think about our efforts.  We have so many more and are happy to share them with you anytime.

Read our April 2021 Press Release on Issuewire

April 2021

We are thrilled to have been the recipient of ongoing grants from the Investors Foundation, underwritten by Investors Bank.  They believe in our work!  We hope you do too!

Diva Divine: Art and Philanthropy are the Two Driving Forces of This Enduring Singer/Actress

December 2019

We thank one of the Entertainment Industry's most important print and online magazines, Industry Magazine, for highlighting Cristina Fontanelli's passion to make the world a better place through her charitable work.

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